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Analytics Solutions.

Analytics allow you to really understand your customers’ behavior. By analyzing not only site visitors, but what they spend their time reading, and on what pages, it is possible to quickly build a detailed picture of what is popular, and then tailor your offering to suit that current demand.

Online marketing can use a variety of media – your website, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter – to interact with your prospects and cross-promote your business. Analytics enable you to establish what is working best, and direct your resources into honing the performance of that.

Online advertising using Google adwords is a revelation! With the ability to switch on and switch off promotions, to split test alternative campaigns, and to clearly analyse the cost per inquiry you receive, there is no longer the need to spend months wondering if a campaign is working – you can find out in just hours.

Starting with either your existing website, or with your ideas, we can analyse what you want to achieve and the best way forward. The beauty of working with the internet being that the results of analytics are quickly delivered, and can be immediately acted on.

Who is visiting your site, how long they stay, what they look at and seem to like, all these metrics can be measured and alternatives easily tested to find what delivers the best results. For a sales campaign, split testing can reveal which of two options works best, allowing you to choose the winner based on real results rather than guesswork.

We can set up anything from simple pageview tracking to a full suite of analytics including e-commerce support and Search Engine Optimization.

What Exactly Are Analytics?

You may be wondering, “What is web analytics?”, and that is OK. Web Analytics is a term used to describe the process of tracking and analyzing your website traffic. Some of the common metrics are:

  • Visitor stats: From the number of visits per day, to you visitors location, browser, OS, and frequency.
  • Pageviews: Find out which pages are visited the most, and what navigation steps your visitors take.
  • Keywords: Discover what words people use to find your website.
  • Downloads: Do your visitors download PDFs, spreadsheets, or other documents? These downloads can be tracked, too.

By tracking your website you are better able to understand how users interact with it. Are your users being scared away by your lengthy contact form? Can your users find the links to your sales and contact pages? Web Analytics and metrics can help you discover what pages are being viewed often (and which ones are not) so that you can make the necessary changes to increase your web traffic and better serve your customers.

Search Engine Optimization and Consultation.

Looking to increase your visibility in the Search Engines? Solar Hill Solutions also offers standalone packages for Search Engine Optimization. Let us design the exact combination of web tracking and search engine optimization to market your website. We can answer your SEM questions!

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