Okay, So We've Started a Blog. Now What?

Social Media Optimization.

We are guiding businesses through the ever-evolving world of social media marketing by defining social media strategy, social media training, and social media management. At the core of any business, we realize that without training, implementations are useless.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a vital component to your online social media marketing plan. It’s one thing to create social network profiles and start typing, it’s a completely different thing to strategically plan and interact with the social environment on the Web.

Optimizing your Social Media presence is crucial when kicking off your campaign. SMO works with your Web site and social media components to help your organization be found, be linked to from other blogs and sites, and to be a strong contributor and resource in your online community.

Your social media accounts are like your shop front. A nice well presented store is more likely to attract customers as is a well presented magazine. The same applies for your social media accounts. Our set-up service ensures that all your online social networks are branded with the same image across the web ensuring that you visitors emerge with a streamlined view of your brand. Some benefits from having a professional looking image online are:

  • Setting you apart from your competitors and creating a memorable image in the users mind.
  • Encourage fans to like the page and increasing conversions from visitors to fans/followers.
  • Branding and trust is the biggest assets of any business and having a professional image will build trust among your users.
  • The user will experience the same visual stimulation regardless of being on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or the website.
  • It will let your viewers know they are on the official social site and not a fan-created page or imitation page (which is very common).

Keep Your Online Marketing Fresh and Maximized.

Your Social Media Marketing plan requires regular maintenance, updates and connections. Some of our Social Media Optimization services include:

  • Help you regularly and frequently add optimized, well-linked content on your social media sites.
  • Tweak your links and tags to increase your findability online through traditional and social media search.
  • Follow the buzz online about your organization and campaign.
  • Develop personalized interactive marketing techniques to encourage your visitors to tag, share and interact with your online activities.
  • Enable you to connect with your visitors, competitors and community members through comments, links and other methods of online participation to organically grow your user-base.
  • Work with you to track and capitalize on traffic and visitor trends.
  • Maintain awareness of social marketing events and trends to help you gain maximum exposure with your target audience.

Don’t have a Corporate blog, podcast or social media plan in place yet? Talk to us about starting off with a Social Media Optimization plan for your organization’s Web site to get your current online presence ready to rumble.

The conversation doesn’t end with your first post. Keep it fresh!  We are valuable partners in campaign idea generation, give us a call when you need some inspiration.

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