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Afforda Financial

It was important to me that existing and prospective clients be able to find our firm in the search engines. Since hiring Solar Hill Solutions, the visits to our site have increased substantially, and I receive inquiries from people who say they "found me on Google".

Duane Whitaker

Landskip Yard Care

There are so many choices when it comes to SEO, it's hard to know who to trust. Solar Hill has been helping us and our clients for years, and they always deliver results.

Richard Griffin

Pro Garden Management

These guys are the best SEO company that I've ever worked with. Within my minimum budget I get TOP in Google in 3 months.

Search Engine Traffic & Optimization.

We know Search Engines. We can help your website get the qualified web traffic it needs.

Both natural search optimization and online advertising can be combined for a stronger lift in website performance. Organic search results, especially for localized services and products, work for long term results. Seasonal and competitive marketing targets can be achieved with paid advertising such as Google PPC or Facebook Advertising campaigns. Let us help you design the right SEM strategy for your business.

There’s no doubt that search engine optimization will have positive effects on your company’s Web presence. Using targeted keywords SEO can help attract the right kind of visitor and an increased amount of those visitors to your website.

With so many websites out there it’s very important to stand out from the crowd and have an advantage over your competitors. As part of our SEO Services we look at all your competitors, we look at their SEO strategy and then work to out rank them.

  • We have a very high average return on investment for our clients.
  • Our SEO services are totally ethical and within Google’s guidelines.
  • We are that confident in our SEO Services we have no binding contracts, just simple monthly payments. We even offer a money back guarantee on our services.
  • We are competitive. We are only happy if you are ahead in your industry.

What you should understand before committing to any SEO Company.

If you are looking for a quick way to get targeted traffic to your website then SEO is not for you. Before taking on an SEO campaign its important to understand it can take several months to get your website on to the first page of Google and sometimes much longer depending on how competitive your keywords are.

SEO is the most cost effective long term marketing strategy and used correctly will bring you unlimited amounts of traffic day and night. If you want to push your business to the next level then strong exposure on search engines is essential.

Complete Range of SEO Services.

  • On Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • SEO Content
  • Social Media
  • PPC Management

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Search Services Explained.

  • Organic Search
  • Local Organic Search
  • Paid Search

Optimizing a businesses website ranking according to relevance to the search terms. This relevance is calculated by criteria such as extent of keyword match and number of sites linking to that website. It is much more valuable to be listed highly in the organic results than in the PPC advertisements.

Benefits of being listed in organic results:

  • Most popular search engines do not charge a fee - organic results are listed based on the search engine’s measure of your relevance and quality, not your advertising dollars, so you don’t pay a “tax” per click.
  • Get more traffic - most people click the organic search results, not the paid advertisements.
  • Get visitors with a higher education - research shows those who click on organic search results more often have a higher level of education.
  • Longer lasting rank and traffic - search engines record your ranking history, helping you rank highly in the future, and they only reevaluate your rank every few weeks or months, allowing you to maintain your rank longer.

Local Search has emerged as a powerful tool for business to gain new customers. With the advent of more sophisticated mobile phones and a new generation of internet users. Looking for a service and products has never been easier and appearing in a local search is a specific search based on location. Appearing in these results can increase greatly increase a websites visitors.

  • Get more traffic - most people click the organic search results, not the paid advertisements.
  • Get visitors with a higher education - research shows those who click on organic search results more often have a higher level of education.
  • Longer lasting rank and traffic - search engines record your ranking history, helping you rank highly in the future, and they only reevaluate your rank every few weeks or months, allowing you to maintain your rank longer.

Also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Paid results are those listings that require a fee for the search engine to list their link for particular keywords. The most widely used form of paid listing is Pay Per Click (PPC), where you pay each time someone clicks on the link in your advertisement. The price increases with the competitiveness of the keyword. Google AdWords is one popular form of paid search advertisement.

Solar Hill Solutions Pay-Per-Click Marketing services will manage your business marketing PPC to ensure optimal results while avoiding irrelevant keywords while maintaining marketing budgets.

SEO Beginners Guide.

Reading our SEO Beginners guides will give you a basic understanding of how SEO works, and how SEO will benefit your website.

  • What is SEO?​
  • SEO History
  • SEO Methods
  • Importance of SEO

When you enter a search term in a search engine such as Google you get a list of web results that contain that search term.

Web users usually then visit the websites that are at the top of this list because they are most relevant to there query.

The reason why some websites are listed higher than others is because of a powerful marketing technique called SEO which is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a technique which helps search engines rank your website higher than the millions of other websites which are related to any search query.

The level of exposure your website gains from being on the first page of search engines such as Google is huge. While SEO can take a long time to achieve, if you select the right keywords this will give you high levels of traffic which in turn will convert to sales, leads or inquiries.

Its important to know the difference between organic search results - which is what we optimize for - and the paid search results. To have your website listed in the paid section you need to pay per click (PPC), this can be very costly depending on your market competition. Using SEO to gain natural page one rankings means you will not have to pay every time a web visitor visits your website and it is a much better long term marketing strategy.

Here is a brief history of SEO and how it has evolved.


The first search engine was created by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.


The internet was born, invented by Tim Bermers-Lee.


Aliweb was launched, this allowed users to submit the locations of the index files on their websites. Wanderer, the first web crawler, was created which measured the size of the world wide web. By 1993 there were already over 600 websites online and in excess of 10 million internet users.


Web Crawler was launched, this was the first search engine to index full web pages and allow internet users to search with any word. Lycos search engine was also launched in this year.


Yahoo was launched, at this time using a web directory. Alta Vista was launched and introduced a multi-threaded crawler that could cover many more web pages. Excite was also launched in 1995.


This is the year when Alexa was founded, new search technology called Inktomi was founded and used by MSN and Hotbot. By this year the world wide web had grown rapidly to over 650,000 websites and there were over 74 million internet users online.


SEO Terminology first used by John Audette and Bruce Clay. Yandex was launched which was Russia’s largest search engine and Ask Jeeves was launched founded by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen.


Google Launched, the DMOZ directory was also launched. Getting a DMOZ listing was a very powerful SEO technique. The original PPC model was also created by Bill Gross and search engines started to look more towards off page ranking signals.


Google and Yahoo begin to dominate the search engine market. By this year the world wide web had grown to over 2.2 million websites online and over 279 million internet users.


Google launches the tool bar and SEO companies start using directory submissions in order to achieve high search engine rankings. Google Adwords was launched, this is Googles main source of revenue and totaled $28 billion in 2010.


Search engine algorithms start to develop and improve the way they index dynamic URL’s. The reign of Google begins and many SEO’s start to realize its Google or bust.


Directory submissions remain a common SEO tactic. Google announced the launch of Froogle, a product search engine. Google also became a Verb, the American Dialect Society chose it as the most useful word of 2002 and it was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary on June 15, 2006.


Web 2.0 is born, Google launches the Florida algorithm in order to combat spam. The world wide web had now grown to over 38 million websites online and over 782 million users.


Paid links become a common way of achieving high rankings. SEOMOZ was founded by Rand Fiskin and grew to be one of the largest provider of SEO Tools. Google also introduced local search in order to offer relevant neighborhood business listings, maps and directories.


Google Analytics launched, Google also launch another algorithm update what helps understand the linking relationship between websites. Google announced that hyperlinks with rel=”nofollow” would not influence the link targets PageRank.


Search engines begin to understand XML sitemaps and Google acquires Youtube. Google also launches Webmaster Central which turned in to an essential tool for webmasters.


Google fights back against paid links permanently banning Text Link Ads. Google launches product search. SMX was held, which was the first search marketing expo.


Social Media starts to become a ranking signal as sites such as Facebook and Twitter take off. The search engine Cuil.com was created by ex-Google employees was launched but later shut down in 2010.


Two more algorithm updates from Google, ‘Vince’ which factors in trust and ‘Caffeine’ which speeds up indexing of websites. Windows Live Search was re-branded and became Bing. A new canonical tag was launched and supported by all three major search engines.


Google launches the ‘May Day’ algorithm which limits the use of unoriginal content. Google also launched instant previews in its search results. Facebook launched open graph API which included the new ‘like’ button. Yahoo and Microsoft partnered to use Bing search technology and the world wide web had grown to over 240 million websites and over 2 billion users.


Google launches the ‘Panda’ algorithm update which was to combat low quality sites and reward those with fresh unique content. Facebook received a patent on ‘Curated Search’ which involved ranking search results according to a links popularity with a users social graph. Google +1 was launched and is Googles attempt of moving in to the social market.

There are many SEO methods that we use in our SEO campaigns. We keep our methods wide and varied as much as possible in order to keep the campaign looking as natural as possible to search engines. This helps ensure good long term stable results for your website.

Some of the SEO methods and techniques we use are as follows:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • META Tag Optimization
  • Sitemap Generation
  • Regional Directory Submissions
  • One Way Link Building
  • Blog Reviews
  • Forum Link Building
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Article Writing and Submission
  • Social Media Profile Creation
Its important to note that the process of search engine optimization is continuously evolving and the methods used to rank websites highly have to evolve with the search engines.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of structuring a web page so it can be easily found, read and indexed by search engines.

SEO is important because it helps web users find your company ahead of hundreds of your own competitors. In these tough economic times its very important to be ahead of your competition and the best way to do this is through employing the services of a search engine optimization company such as ourselves who have a proven track record of improving the traffic to websites and ultimately turning these visitors into paying customers.