What Do You Do When Someone Attacks Your Business Online?

Reputation management

Sometimes doing business online feels more like the old days of the wild West than a respectable business environment. Once you put your company out there, anyone can come along and try to besmirch your good name. It is a free for all when it comes to anonymous people attacking businesses. Some online attacks are quite vicious in nature.

Why People Attack Companies

Businesses ruffle someone’s feathers in the wrong way for any number of reasons. There are, of course, legitimate gripes from customers. Those problems are usually easy to resolve. Most customers that do not like a product or service will leave one negative review that is perfectly honest and legitimate. Companies cannot please everyone all the time.

Every once in a while, a person develops a grudge against a company and refuses to let it go. They make it their mission to tell everyone everywhere how awful the company is. Another type of attack can come from a competitor that wishes to take out the competition. They feel threatened by this business and go about systematically destroying its reputation.

When Catastrophe Strikes

There are those times when a company makes a really big mistake. It is so big that many customers are affected and become angry. When this happens customers often go to social media sites to air their grievances. Practically, overnight a company’s reputation can go from good to mud.

There have been numerous cases where angry customers have tweeted out negative messages about a company in mass. This bad publicity finds its way into the national media. The uproar is so bad that upper management is forced to get involved. This fire must be put out quick.

Reputation Management to the Rescue

Companies can turn to reputation management services to handle all of the above scenarios. Reputation management involves ongoing online monitoring of what is being said about your company. This monitoring is done around the clock. Anytime there is a mention of your business you will know about it.

With this system you can quickly respond to any negativity that erupts out of the blue. You can also give your side of the story and share positive reviews.

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